Just today, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club officially hired Zheng Zhi as the assistant coach of the first team. For Chinese football, this may mean the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. In fact, for Zheng Zhi, this step has already been a sign.


Since the second half of last year, his number of appearances in the national football team and Evergrande has dropped sharply. At that time, everyone thought that Zheng Zhi's transformation was coming. In October last year, when Cannavaro was notified to participate in the corporate culture class, it was Zheng Zhi who was acting as the coach, so it can be seen that everything is moving forward step by step.


As Lippi mentioned before: "He will continue to serve the team and serve as a role model for young players. Of course I know that 39-year-old Zheng Zhi will definitely not become the core force of the team in the future, but he will still Bringing great help to the team."


Zheng Zhi chose not only to be a spiritual leader, but also a real one. He wants to become a new generation of local coaches who follow Yangshuai to earnestly learn and improve. For the fans, this is both gratifying and touched. Captain meritorious. , He never went far.

郑智不仅选择了成为精神领袖,而且选择了真正的领袖。他希望成为新一代的本地教练,他们跟随阳帅认真学习和提高自己。对于粉丝来说,这既令人高兴又感动。上尉功勋。 ,他从未走过。

In mainstream European competitions, it is not uncommon for senior players to retired and directly become team assistants. These players, like Zheng Zhi, have started another journey in a new position after finishing their playing career.


Their experiences are different, and now they are all experiencing the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys under a new identity. For Zheng Zhi, they are all pioneers who can learn from them. From them, we can also see the differences in different transformation models.


John Terry, the forever meritorious captain of Stamford Bridge, has now finished his career for two years.

斯坦福桥的永久功勋约翰·特里(John Terry)现在已经结束了两年的职业生涯。

During his time as captain of Aston Villa, he had an intersection with Dean Smith. So, after he retired, he directly joined the coaching staff led by Dean Smith.

在担任阿斯顿维拉队长期间,他与迪恩·史密斯有过一段往来。因此,退休后,他直接加入了由Dean Smith领导的教练团队。

Villa faltered in the Premier League this season, but for Terry, this is still a very good learning opportunity. As an assistant, not only can you learn the coach’s play style and system, but more importantly, the coordination with the rest of the coaching staff, including training sessions and communication with players, are all key elements that can help Terry successfully transform into a coach. .

维拉本赛季在英超联赛中步履蹒跚,但是对于特里来说,这仍然是一个很好的学习机会。作为助手,您不仅可以学习教练的比赛方式和系统,而且更重要的是,与其他教练组的配合,包括培训课程和与球员的沟通,都是可以帮助特里成功转变为教练的关键要素。教练。 。

However, whether the assistant can have his own ideas and thinking, including whether he can make use of the coach’s experience in the previous player’s career, are some of the advantages for the player’s transformation coach. Compared with the academic, the player’s career experience It is indeed a great help to him.


The Golden Wolf Guti, this man with flowing blonde hair, has also come to the moment of transformation, but his coaching career is not as stable as that of a player, but seems to be a bit of drift.

这个有着一头金发飘逸的人的金狼古蒂(Golden Wolf Guti)也已经到了转型的时刻,但是他的教练生涯并不像一名球员那样稳定,但是似乎有些漂移。

His coaching career started as an assistant in Real Madrid's youth training echelon. This starting point seems to be a bit low. It was not until 2016 that he officially served as the coach of Real Madrid's youth A team.


Three years of training has caused Guti to have a lot of dissatisfaction. He once said, “Why can my Real Madrid teammate be the coach as soon as he retires, and when it’s my turn, they said, this is Guti, let us See what he can do and see if he is tired."


Guti, whose coaching career has not been smooth sailing, came to the place where he retired and became the assistant coach of Turkey coach Gunes. How much help the Turkish coach gave Guti is unknown, but what we can understand is that his departure is also inextricably linked to Gunes's departure.


Guti’s current tactical system in Almeria has the shadow of his mentor Gunes, a 4-2-3-1 system with local tyrant bosses, playing invincible in the second half, Guti’s coaching career Until this moment, it was considered sailing. It can be seen that it is not a simple matter for players to transform into coaches. Guti has gone through a long test period before he has gained a stable and handsome position, and is finally able to look forward to the opportunity to stand on the highest stage again.


During the assistant period, the head coach's tactical style will also affect the future development of the assistant, Guti is a good example.


Lu Xiaopang, a man who makes Manchester United fans unforgettable, his hair is getting less and less, but his career has not stopped.


This winter window, Derby County announced the signing of Wayne Rooney. While he was the captain of the team, his identity has also become a player and coach. This is also a brand new identity for Rooney.


The current coach of Derby County is the Dutch legend Kocu, an all-around player who can be called a big hexagon at his peak, and his coaching idea is also based on the Dutch style of 4-2-3-1, which can also be said to Rooney. An addition to football philosophy.


Rooney, who has been dealing with the British system almost in his professional career, can enrich his mind under Coku and open his arms to experience the essence of continental football. This is also a major benefit of transforming into a coach as a player and traveling everywhere. Later, accept different tactical ideas to perfect yourself.


This may be a bit difficult for Zheng Zhi, but Zheng Zhi, who has a rich experience abroad, must have his own unique insights into football.


Bournemouth coach Eddie Howe is perhaps the most unfamiliar one compared to the previous and next teams.


But he is really the hero of Bournemouth. Eddie Howe's career in the player era was not smooth, but after all, he was considered a Bournemouth star. He played 270 times for this team that had never been in the top league before and suffered several serious knee injuries. His retirement is justified.

但是他确实是伯恩茅斯的英雄。埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)在球员时代的职业生涯并不顺利,但毕竟他被视为伯恩茅斯巨星。他曾为这支球队出战270次,此前从未进入过顶级联赛,并且膝盖严重受伤。他的退休是有道理的。

But in 2006, the year before retiring, he served as the team's player and coach, and then as the team's fire-fighting coach, thus opening the legendary triple jump experience.


Eddie Howe brought this League One club to the Premier League and gained a firm foothold. His 4-4-2 system is also different from the usual England tactical system, which incorporates a lot of modern football elements.

埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)将该联赛第一家具乐部带入英超联赛,并站稳了脚跟。他的4-4-2系统也不同于通常的英格兰战术系统,后者融合了许多现代足球元素。

Although Bournemouth is in the quagmire of relegation this season, for this small team, they have already been enough. And Eddie Howe's experience may also be an inspiration for Zheng Zhi. Can he become the hero who leads Guangzhou Evergrande and even Chinese football to break through the past and break the tradition?

尽管伯恩茅斯本赛季处于降级的泥潭,但对于这支小球队来说,他们已经足够了。埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)的经历也可能为郑智带来灵感。他能成为带领广州恒大乃至中国足球突破过去,打破传统的英雄吗?

From Terry, Guti, Rooney to Eddie Howe, from the grassroots to the rich and famous, their first stop is different;


From the player's role as a coach to gradually experience the process of transformation, or to take over the coach in a critical step, the path they have traveled will also have an immeasurable impact on their first coaching career.


However, the common trajectory of these "kick and good, teach" contemporary pioneers is enough for us to summarize the differences and advantages and disadvantages of different models, and to explore the current environment of Zheng Zhi himself, Chinese football and Evergrande club. Find a path that is more suitable for him to blaze.


As mentioned in the opening chapter, Zheng Zhi's own transformation as a coach is expected, and the changes in his personal positioning in the past few years have been moving closer to this aspect.


The role of a football coach that we recognize is to some extent only part of its business field. In addition to technical and tactical training, as a manager, the coach’s personal management philosophy can also determine the height of a team.


Zidane once said frankly: "As far as tactics are concerned, I am not the best head coach. As the media said, what I am best at is not skills and tactics, but management of the locker room."


This remark naturally has a humble meaning. After the restructuring, the Champions League three consecutive championships is an unprecedented achievement. As a head coach, it is obviously impossible to achieve this glory only by the scientific management of the locker room. He is also absolute in the field of tactics and on-the-spot command. European first-line coaching level.


The key point of Zidane’s speech is to, as the most recognized coach, reveal how this position relies on the management of the locker room and the team behind the club (including analysts, team doctors, signings, financial management and logistics And other teams) to maximize the value of existing resources.


Years are merciless. In recent years, Zheng Zhi's role as a player on the field has quietly faded as he gets older, but his influence remains undiminished.


Whether in the national team or in the Evergrande club, he has played the role of "political commissar" more actively. He knows every player of the current Chinese men’s football team and Evergrande. He and every coach and management team member have known each other for a long time. Correspondingly, they have also given this man his backbone to support China in the low period. Men of football for more than ten years have endless respect and recognition.


The prestige accumulated over the years will undoubtedly help his coaching work to be better carried out. Of course, the premise is that he adopts the correct and reasonable management style, and this time requires him and the entire team to run-in and cooperate, but at least the starting point is better than other countries. Shuai already has an inherent advantage.


Secondly, looking at Zheng Zhi's career, whether it is sweating in the Chinese Super League and the national team, or rushing through the years in England.


All positions on the entire central axis, from forwards to central defenders, are familiar to him, and he can show his value under different coaches. The comprehensiveness of the technical point of view and the above-average tactical understanding, in itself, helped him to transform from a player to a coach.


In the past few years, Zheng Zhi, who has been in the fourth race, has basically been placed in the middle of the trail due to the invasion of the years. For him with a clear career plan, it is an opportunity to learn how to observe the situation on the field from the perspective of a coach. This reminds me of a sage in football, he is Cruyff.


Cruyff's most suitable position is not so much the well-known left frontcourt, as it is the frontcourt free agent character closer to the center. The pseudo 9 and even the real offensive midfielder are all roles he can control to be superb. And this is because he benefited from the cooperation with Michels in his early years.


In the late 1960s, the young Cruyff was appreciated by Michels as soon as he was promoted to the Ajax first team. The latter often gave Cruyff a small focus in training: when others were training together , He will pull Cruyff out alone and take him to the back of the court, instructing him how to observe the operation and situation on the court from back to front.


This experience allowed Cruyff to fully understand Michels’s “all offense and all defense” concept and carry it forward. When he became a Barcelona star and was able to participate in the selection of the Barcelona coach in his later years, he continuously recommended for Barcelona The two candidates are Rijkaard and Guardiola.


The two created the legends of "Dream 2" and "Dream 3" respectively, and both players were born in the midfield during the player period. They both grew up under Cruyff and gained fame during the player period. They have deep control and vision. The true biography of Cruyff.


For Zheng Zhi, who has just started his coaching journey, it would be a step forward to directly compare Zidane and Cruyff with his predecessors who have left his name in history. However, given his status in the Chinese football circle, no matter what Whether it is technical level or experience prestige, it does have a unique advantage over others.


For Zheng Zhi, the experience of these famous foreign players and coaches is undoubtedly a valuable asset worth learning and learning from.


As one of the few strong players in the Chinese studying abroad who had gained a firm foothold in the five major leagues, his accumulated experience in the Premier League and the Soviet Super League is also invaluable. The perception and integration of different league systems is as mentioned above. The transformation coach must be a great help.


At the same time, Zheng Zhi played for Lippi, Scolari and other champion coaches after returning to China. The advantages and disadvantages of the Italian system and Samba football are also presented in Zheng Zhi's eyes.


Although the ability of Chinese players is indeed unable to reach that level, years of edification of different system styles must have planted a seedling that may grow into a towering tree in the heart of the new coach Zheng Zhi.


Just as the People's Daily mentioned, as the first person to "kick and teach" at Evergrande, Zheng Zhi's second challenge in the green field has already begun.


Chinese football has been turbulent in the past ten years and the detours it has taken have made countless fans sigh with regret, but these twists and turns are an excellent reference for him, and this is also the most suitable time for Zheng Zhi to step onto the stage.


When participating in the CCTV "Let's Talk" program, Zheng Zhi said frankly:

郑智在参加中央电视台“ Let's Talk”节目时坦率地说:

I wish Zheng Zhi can become the best local coach in the future, and I also hope that the Chinese fans can someday find the happiness of 20 years ago from the national football coached by Zheng Zhi.


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