Tiger Fighting, October 9 At today's R&F Open Day event, head coach Van Bronckhorst summarized the team's gains and losses in the first phase.

Tiger Fighting,10月9日,在今天的R&F开放日活动中,主教练Van Bronckhorst总结了该团队在第一阶段的得失。

Fan Shuai: I think the most memorable thing is the team's performance, especially the team's performance in the second half of the first stage. In fact, it shows an upward trend. The last few games also played very well. The hope that hit the top four was only a little regret at the end. We know that the second stage of the event is completely different from the first stage. It is a two-round knockout, so in these few days we must be fully prepared to meet the challenges that follow.


Fan Shuai: I made adjustments to the formation. In the following games, we played more of the three central defenders. On the defensive end, players were required to stand closer. At the beginning, our offensive firepower was still concentrated on Zahavi and Saba. After Zahavi left, players like China all stepped forward to take on offensive responsibilities, like Huang Zhengyu, Zhang Gong, and Ye Chugui. The ball, more flowering also makes the team less single in offensive, making the opponent more difficult to defend, this is also one of our progress.


Fan Shuai: I think the team behaved more like a whole in the second half of the first stage. Each of our players is fighting for the team, for their teammates and themselves. I think this team spirit can be better reflected, and the team's execution on the court is better. Especially in the last five games of the first stage, we lost one and tied one. I think the team's performance has met my expectations. I hope we can continue to maintain and improve in the following games.


Fan Shuai: Of course, because the team has two foreign players, Zahavi and Saba, have left. We have introduced Adrian and Zivkovic. Both of them are very familiar with Chinese football. I believe they can be faster. Integrate into the team and use their abilities to help the team.


Fan Shuai: Zhivkovic can play on the left or center. Adrian is more like a midfielder, both players have strong offensive attributes. In the second half of the first stage of the league, we lacked Zahavi, the Indian center. The departure of Saba also made us a bit tight in the choice of strikers. Now the team's personnel are relatively complete, which gives me more choices. Next, I will examine the player's condition during training and select the players who will play the next round.


Fan Shuai: In the football world, the flow of personnel is very normal. I believe everyone respects Zahavi’s achievements in R&F. He has started a new life and career. Our team continues to move forward. Everyone will focus on their work and games.


Fan Shuai: Dembele and Adrian will probably not return to the team for training next week; Zeng Chao is still injured and has to rest for a while; Chen Junle's situation is relatively bad, and the season is basically reimbursed; the good news is Li Ti Xiang has returned from injury.


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