Hupu News, October 6th, the 2020-21 season CBA League is about to begin. Hupu recently opened the 20-day CBA 20-day selection of the top 20 local players. In the No. 10 star selection yesterday, Zhao Rui got 1628 votes, 24.2% of the votes. He was elected as the No.10 star among the 20 top 20 local players in the Tiger Fighting CBA 20 days. Hupu also produced the NO.10 star poster for Zhao Rui.

虎报新闻,10月6日亚博网投彩票,2020-21赛季CBA联赛即将开始。虎扑最近在当地20强球员中开设了20天CBA 20天选拔赛。在昨天的十号明星评选中,赵睿获得了1628票,占24.2%。在20天内的Tiger Fighting CBA比赛中,他被选为当地20名顶级20名球员中的第十名。呼浦还为赵睿制作了10号明星海报。

In the 2019-20 CBA regular season, Zhao Rui played 42 games for Guangdong, averaging 13.7 points, 4.5 rebounds, 4.4 assists and 2 steals in 29.3 minutes per game, helping Guangdong achieve a record of 44 wins and 2 losses, ranking first in the regular season. . During the playoffs, Zhao Rui played in 7 games, averaging 30.3 minutes per game, averaging 11 points, 4.3 rebounds, 5.3 assists and 2.3 steals, helping Guangdong win the 2019-20 season championship and is also the 10th overall in Guangdong team history. champion.

在2019-20赛季CBA常规赛中,赵锐为广东队出战42场,平均每场29.3分钟场均得到13.7分,4.5个篮板,4.4次助攻和2次抢断,帮助广东队取得了44胜2负的纪录,位列第一常规赛。 。季后赛期间,赵睿出战了7场比赛,平均每场30.3分钟,场均得到11分,4.3个篮板,5.3次助攻和2.3次抢断,帮助广东赢得了2019-20赛季的冠军,也是广东队历史上第10位。冠军。

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