Tiger Fighting October 8th Spanish striker Adama attended today's national team press conference


No, no, actually I also want to train and exercise. I will also do a lot of preventive and restorative content, which is definitely the case as a professional player.


It’s not tested specifically in the world, but I hope to find a chance to test one day. But I have seen a lot of media talking about this, saying my sprint speed in the race,


Let’s talk about everything. Many topics, including me, will also talk about Barcelona, ​​because we have known each other very early and I have been away from Barcelona for a few years. As for the topic of leaving Barcelona, ​​I am not very concerned about it, I just hope to get better.


I think the game against the giants must be very attractive, especially against Guardiola's Manchester City. But I have actually worked hard like this for many years. As I said, my goal is to get better every day. If I don't make progress, then it is a step backward for me. This is my style of doing things.


I am very grateful for the trust of the coach, as well as the help of the coaching staff and the staff, because I encountered some problems before and I was able to make my debut. I am very grateful. As long as the coach asks me, I will be 100% involved.


First of all, I think it can attract opponents to multiplayer defense, which means that our teammates can have more space, and we have to take advantage of this opportunity. As for the oiling thing, I think everyone knows it now


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